Customer Service

Hi, can i know other than call phone number. How can i contact the customer service through email to the cloudflare support?

There isn’t one.

As outlined in the following documentation, the plan you are on dictates what level of support you can get.

The community often yields quicker responses. Can you explain the issue you are facing?


Our company have an issue with the name server. We are using the name server of Cloudflare. But, we right now forget the email address we used to login in the Cloudflare. So, we need to contact the customer service to help with this matter. Because of it is so hard to contact with them, I need to open new account to get through the customer service of Cloudflare. But still we its the same. We just need to know which email address we are using.

There is a method for resolving this on the Cloudflare login page


Alternatively, if the site is not registered via Cloudflare registrar, you can simply add the site into another account and change the name servers of the domain from the registrar. Provided you still remember the credential for the registrar.

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