Customer error page based on location

Hi, Is it possible to have a different error messaged based on the end users location?
For example, anyone from France would get the error page in French
Someone from UK would get the English error page and so forth.


Check user location by IP and set error page for that location. or detect location and then show error message by language base on user location. It depend on your CMS or server side languages.

Hi Huyhoa, thanks for response. Is this something CF can handle natively?
Perhaps I should have also mentioned this use case is for when there is a complete website outage, so we would need an external source (CF in this case) to be able to handle and render the right request based on user location.

It depend on which error code, please refer to this page
If you just want to change the language on your error page, may be CF cannot help in this case.

Yes, you can customize error messages! To learn more about customizing error pages visit

So I am happy to provide my own custom page in the language of choice. I need CF to be able to detect the location I am from and render the appropriate error page. I sense this is not possible?

Criteria for rendering the page is if my origin/site is completely down.

Not sure whether this is possible, but probably you might need to include some JS code inside the HTML code so that the JS code can detect client’s location and render the error message in a different language.


Thank you all for your help.

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