Customer Being Blocked From Site

This is what a customer is seeing when trying to view our site:

Error: 1008
Access Denied.
The owner of this website has banned your IP address

And then says Performance and Security by Cloudflare.

Any thoughts to find out how/why this customer was blocked? Wondering if other customers are being blocked and we just don’t know it!

This is a direct IP address ban, they need to contact the site owner to allow your IP address to access the site! If you own the site, you can allow their IP address by creating a firewall rule

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I went to my IP rules and saw a range of IPs banned which looks like the one falls under. However, I am the only one who accesses this site via Cloudflare and I have never added a banned IP address here (because we have a Sucuri firewall account the site runs through and that is where we put all banned IPs) so I’m wondering how these IP blocked rules even got here. There were 168 of them! Any idea of how they could be automatically added? I have a free account too so I don’t have Pro which I was told might have some stricter rules in place.

Check the audit log in your Cloudflare account (look for any suspicious activity like unknown or unrecognized devices signed in to your account)

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