Custom WAF rules does not show any entries


Since the Firewall update (Firewall rules are becoming custom rules · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs) WAF custom rules does not show any entries.

Normally there should be hundreds of entries in each rule. I can see they are working on the Security > Events log, but for particular rule, it’s all zero, except the Skip rule which shows only 10 entries, when normally it should be thousands.

So why does this happen? If it will all be one log under Security > Events, then why are there still counters (showing zero) next to the custom rules? It was good to see how to the custom rules are working, and what the captcha rate was for every custom rule. This should be fixed I think.

I can confirm I’m seeing a similar behavior but only when I change the zone from one where the old Firewall Rules are still in place, to a zone that has already been converted to Custom Rules. Then the browser will show the URL ending in /firewall-rules and all counters are showing zero (except for the skip action, since I don’t have any.) When I refresh the page (F5), the URL changes to end in /custom-rules and the UI shows the counters as they should be.

Under /firewall-rules

After refresh, /custom-rules

Can you please test to see if what you are seeing is also the result of moving from one zone (Firewall Rules) to another (Custom Rules)?

Facing same problem. Is there any update?