Custom/Vanity Nameservers for Multiple Domains


Is it possible to use custom/vanity nameservers for multiple domains?

What I mean is for example - the custom/vanity nameservers would be set up on one domain - | - and then both the domains - and would point to them.

How would this be achieved in Cloudflare? Would I need Business packages for both - and Or just

Many thanks.

Both at the same would not work IIRC.

You could either use the two .net nameservers for your .com domain, in which case you wouldnt even need a business plan, however you would need to run your own name servers and could not use Cloudflare’s infrastructure. In this case you simply create two A records (ns1 and ns2), point them to your nameservers, and set these two hostnames as name server of your .com domain.

Alternatively, you could switch your .net to a business plan and set up the same two custom name servers for your .net domain, in which case you’d be using the Cloudflare infrastructure, however it would only work for your .net domain.

The closest thing to what you described might be a combination of the aforementioned setups. You’d have to sign up both domains for a business plan, use ns1 and ns2 for your .net domain, define a second pair of .net host names (e.g. dns1 and dns2), point them - yet again - to your own name servers, and use them in a CNAME setup of your .com domain. Not very elegant, but should work. Personally I’d advise against such a setup however.

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