Custom URL country block does not look like its working


Due to massive amount of spam of get from two certain geographics of the globe.


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Basically, they drive me crazy and statisically always from the same countries. I get about 45 to 60 per day. Yes I have a mail spam filter. But many still come through. So I thought it would be best to just block my contact pages from these countries

It does not seem to be working, plenty of emails still coming and I know some of them are from India for exaple because it’s stated in there email signature

I have setup some rules, tried many configurations. But they still seem to have access to pages where my deails are,

No idea how they are still getting to my contacts pages. I have these currently. I hope someone could tell me if I have done anything wrong here and how it can be improved. (some test ones there take no note of them)

Your rule will never trigger since you’re using and - and a request will never be associated to multiple countries, or visiting /submission-options/ and /contact-us.

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Instead of using AND; try using OR in your Firewall Rule.

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Hi thanks for your reply.

That does not make my sense to me. Im not the brighest on these rules.

If I selcted OR, for the counties, would that block the whole world out of these selected URLS?

Do I have URI = https:// site .com / contact correct ?

You’d have to custom code the Expression to be something like this:
(http.request.uri.path contains "contact-us" or http.request.uri.path contains "submission-options") and in {"IN" "PK" "RU"}

If the URL (contains contact-us OR submission-options) AND user is from one of those countries.


Hi there.

Thank you for the information.

I am not 100% on filling the gaps here.

Is there any chance you could complete the expresssion for me with the inlcuded paths in the image I provided above?

Why is the published Cloudflare intructions not working and they keep getting through?

Oh sorry. You did lol

Ill try that

Thank you!

There are no gaps to fill. Unless you have other URLs that contain “contact-us” or “submission-options” that you want users from those countries to have access to, this is all you need to do.

Which published instructions? I’m pretty sure nothing here says to use AND for multiple conflicting conditions.

Woud the expression be the same for blocking in the sense of using URI path ?


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