Custom subdomain + workers partially working?

TL/DR: Seeing 522 Origin Connection Timeout on 2/4 workers. The two broken workers work fine under the endpoint

I have 3 workers and a static site hosted on CloudFlare workers. CloudFlare is serving as the primary DNS for my domain name and proxying is turned on.

The subdomain I’m working with is

The problem presents as following:

  • The static site and 1 worker seems to work fine on the subdomain
  • Two of the workers do not work on the custom subdomain, but work fine under the subdomain

The error I see is

522 Origin Connection Timeout

I’m just not sure where to go from here.

I am using the following wrangler.toml, with the route [something], and NAME values changing between workers.

name = "NAME"
type = "webpack"
workers_dev = false
account_id = "ACCOUNT_ID"
zone_id = "ZONE_ID"

route = "[something]"
kv-namespaces = [
    { binding = "KV", id = "KVID" }

So, after much digging and head scratching I figured it out:

The only supported operator is wildcard * which matches zero or more of any character.


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