Custom storage of files on R2 using the API


I want to use R2 storage to store files using the API and custom applications. The applications will probably create buckets and then get/insert/delete files if needed (using the API).
The files should be available public, but I want to take advantage of caching etc, so I need to add a custom domain as I read on the dashboard. I don’t want to use Cloudflare for domain names.

Should I buy a seperate domain name on Cloudflare just for this particular setup so I don’t have this dev-123_r2_dev subdomain, like registering myownr2domain_com and then just use that as a host.

These custom applications will then run on hundreds of different domain names all pointing to the same myownr2domain_com.
I would’ve prefered linking this using the API on the fly, without this limitation of having to register on cloudflare.

I have no interest in Cloudflare business since that is offering 99.9% of things I don’t need/want. But I read in the help that you can then link domain names that are not bought through clourflare?

Am I missing something?

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