Custom SSL on 3rd level subdomain

Hi, we have a 3rd level subdomain with custom ssl cert, like, along with this we have wildcard cert (* which is managed by cloudflare. Now we want get rid of custom ssl ( and run all the traffic with our wildcard certificate. Is this possible or we need some additional setup?

The Universal certificate does support wildcards for the first level beneath the domain. So if you want to use it for “xxxx.DOMAIN.TLD”, that should work.

No, we just want only one wildcard cert(cloudflare manged) to cover all our subdomains. Subdomain cert is going to expire soon and we will not continue to use it.
We have 2 records in SSL Edge Certificates menu, one - custom (legacy) cert for exactly one subdomain (which is expiring) and universal wildcard cert. We want to have only one.

This is the idea of wildcard certificates. Can you provide examples of the hosts you want to cover?

So, once we delete our custom cert record for our domain everything will work via *

Yes, that is the point of a wildcard certificate.

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