Custom SSL certificate will expire soon


Hello everyone,

we have an uploaded custom SSL certificate for our site and it will expire very soon.
Right now it is not possible to renew it (extended validation take some time),
but we have an universal SSL certificate which is pre-installed in Cloudflare and which could cover our needs while we request a new EV ceritifcate.
Do we need to perform any actions to enable universal certificate?
Do we need to delete expired certificate before it is expired?
Will universal certificate be used automatically instead of expired one?


I wouldn’t count on Universal automatically kicking in. I know Custom takes priority, but I don’t know if Cloudflare takes expiration date into consideration.

I suggest you delete the Custom cert until you get a new one.

Is there any particular reason you’re using EV? Browsers are phasing out EV indicators.


Thank you for the answer. The only reason our company has it, I believe, because of EV indicator.
If you work in e-comerce or banking - it could be an additional sign of trust.
But besides that there is no practical application EV from technical point of view.


Most browsers have depreciated the visible indicators for EV certificates, so personally I would have trouble justifying one at this time.

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