Custom SSL Certificate Clarification

I just want to make sure I got this right. If I upload a custom SSL certificate to my domain, this SSL certificate will be used for my website rather than the default one provided by CloudFlare, right? Also, if I do upload this SSL certificate, will this encrypt the connection from the client to my server or only from the client to CloudFlare?

I know that CloudFlare’s SSL only encrypts the connection from the client to CloudFlare (and not to the server), but I’m not sure if adding a custom SSL certificate changes this.

Adding a custom certificate doesn’t affect whether the connection between Cloudflare and your origin is secure.

To secure the connection between Cloudflare and your origin, configure a valid certificate on your origin – from Cloudflare’s Origin CA or any other trusted CA – and set Cloudflare’s “SSL” setting to “Full (strict)”.

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Assuming you are talking about the Business plan, yes, it will show the custom certificate in the browser.

@mnordhoff is right about encryption, you do need a valid certificate on your origin server to encrypt end-to-end.

OK thanks. And will I be able to use the same custom SSL certificate that I use in CloudFlare in my origin server as well?

Yes - you can install your own custom cert on your origin server and upload to Cloudflare (on our Business plan or above).

As @mnordhoff mentioned, the connection from Cloudflare to your origin server is managed via the SSL setting - you would choose Full Strict if you have a valid (meaning not expired and issued by a recognised CA) certificate installed on your origin. This will ensure Cloudflare connects to your origin over SSL when the visitor does and will verify the certificate on your origin each time.

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