Custom settings in Strato getting deactivated when adding Cloudflare nameservers

My custom DNS settings on my webhost Strato are getting deactivated as soon as I activate the Cloudflare nameservers (see picture attached)

. Can someone help me how to enable Cloudflare CDN while keeping the settings?

The DNS settings at your host become irrelevant the moment you switch nameservers as only Cloudflare is your domain’s authority at that point.

But then I have issues e.g. with emails, etc.

Which ones? Why?

What’s the domain?

That domain is not configured for Cloudflare in the first place.

Okay what does that mean then?

That your site is not using Cloudflare at the moment. Its nameservers point to your host.

Oh yes because I deactivated it due to the settings issue

So what is the actual issue?

Sorry for the delayed response.
The functions that then no longer work include my transfer of the Strato server to a Microsoft server for Office 365.
I don’t know exactly what Office 365 functionality this is, but I think that I was unable to send or receive emails.

Transfer? I would suggest you switch over to Cloudflare, make sure that all DNS records are in place, have everything non-web related unproxied (:grey:) and then try again.

Thank you very much!!

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