Custom Rules - service set but not available to edit

I have free account and set 3 firewall rules. Although I have also activated some “custom rules” that are not editable anywhere else on my account but they are over firewall rules… So there is set to block USA traffic in custom rules and even I have ALLOW rule for USA in firewall rules, traffic is still blocked. There is no place to edit custom rules, I checked all possible rules on my account.

On other domain (also free plan), I dont have firewall rules, but in same place “custom rules”… and info that Cloudflare is replacing firewall to custom rules from Feb.

Has anyone have same problem? I cant now let google bot to search the site, I cant edit this rule anywhere, dont know how that happened.

Weird a bit :thinking:

How did you integrate or enabled Cloudflare for your domain name? :thinking:
Maybe through your hosting partner?
Or domain using Saas?

Furthermore, maybe you’re having something configured under the Rules tab and therefrom either Configuration or some other enabled? Have you double-checked?

Yes that is weird - domain is on CF since more than a year. I had ddos in last days and blocked some continents - Asia, Africa, both Americas. Alll in WAF section. Next day there was only rule in WAF section to block China and Africa… but still in the Events there is BLOCK for other continents SERVICE - CUSTOM RULES - not Firewall…

No there are no other rules anywhere for this domain, checked those like Milion times

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