Custom rules googlebot not able to crawl website

I created 2 rules in Security > WAF > Custom rules

First rule is
Field: Country
Operator: does not equal
Value: Israel
( ne “IL”)

Choose action: block

Second rule is
Field: verified bot category
Operator: equals
Value: Search Engine Crawler
(cf.verified_bot_category eq “Search Engine Crawler”)

Choose action: Skip
WAF components to skip: All remaining custom rules

When I test website crawling by google search console I get an error that the website is blocked

How can I allow googlebots to access the website?

Swap the order of the rules. Googlebot will be blocked by your current first rule.

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Thank you for your reply
can you tell me if this configuration is correct?
Only one rule is activated now:

That specific rule should be blocking visitors from outside Israel, that are NOT classified as being a known bot.

  1. It does not touch traffic from Israel, no matter if it is a known bot or not.

  2. A known bot from e.g. United States would pass through that.

  3. A regular visitor from e.g. United States would be blocked.

That is, assuming that you do not have other rules interfering somehow.

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