Custom Purge

getting “incorrect zone” errors when trying to enter custom purge url addresses, what’s the secret?

Hi @robert5, you’re attempting this via ui and not via the API, is that right? I am not familiar with this error and cannot reproduce it. Is this for a an account with access to domains for multiple organizations?

(from research, a suggested work around is to log out and log back in and try it again)

here’s the error i’m getting…

i’m using the “custom purge” button above “purge everything”.

Thank you. Does your account have access to zones in multiple oranizations?

don’t know, i’m using cloufflare’s free offering, or are you talking about my hosting account? the ui box that i used made it looked pretty simple, even provided an example, i followed the example and got errors.

Thanks. I was wondering about cf, only history I’ve seen on this error was once or twice where the action would work for one zone but not another was with accounts with access to multiple orgs. I think this is one for support. If you open a ticket, pls post number I’ll stalk, err track, it through support.

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