Custom Purge Not Working - Railgun Installed


I’m trying to purge some images from my site and refresh CF’s cache to reflect newer images uploaded to my origin server. When I run a custom purge, I get a “successfully purged” message but when I reload the page (after clearing my browser cache), the old images are still loaded.

When I enable development mode, the newer origin server images are loaded but when I disable, I get the old, purged images. I have Railgun installed, not sure if this should affect things.

Not sure if this is relevant, but earlier today I tried to do a custom purge of another file and received a 1016 - origin DNS error, as well as a 1015.

Any ideas?

I believe this is the issue here.

Thanks for your rapid response Matteo, this clears up a few things. Hope they resolve this soon. Cheers

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