Custom Pages

I have a question about the custom page feature.

We are interested in creating a 500 Class Error page.

Cloudflare wants a URL of the error page. The problem is, if our web server is throwing a 500 error, all pages are throwing that error. Does Cloudflare cache the HTML of the error page, or does it try to access the [broken] web server each time?

Once you published it, it will be served by Cloudflare.
Fetching it from the origin every time would be useless. Server down, blocked users would have access to that page etc.

From the help:

Note: Once you add the URL and click “Publish”, Cloudflare will store your custom page on our servers. You do not need to host your custom page after it has been published.

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I guess I should read more before posting. lol

We were just in the middle of a panic at the time because our website was actually down, which is what brought this up to begin with.

Thanks again.

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: