Custom Pages problem

I am trying to get the custom pages to work for example “I am under attack!”
So to test it very simple i made an html page under_attack.html and placed it under a folder https://website_url/holdingpage/under_attack.html

The code is very simple :

I then go to Custom pages in CF and select : I’m Under Attack Mode™ Challenge
Click on “custom pages” and set the url to https://website_url/holdingpage/under_attack.html
when pressing Publish I receive an error code:

Your custom page must be larger than 100 characters (Code: 1203)

I also download some predefined pages on GIT but all the same error code.
The subscription i have is CF Pro so this should work you would think.
What am i missing ?

Got it working, i had challenge on for the US.


Example code for an custom page would be:

Moreover, you need to have at least Pro plan to be available to make them :slight_smile:


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