Custom pages dosent work

I’ve been trying to convey information about this issue for over a year now, but nobody is responding. The tech support remains silent!!! I even posted on Reddit in the ‘Cloudflare’ section - but it didn’t help. Who else can I reach out to?

Let me try to explain it again slowly and in detail -

If a user has paid for a $20 tariff and, within that tariff, created ‘Custom pages,’ those pages remain with them forever. That means, if they stopped paying (switched to a free tariff) and haven’t paid for over a year, the service continues to be provided for free. You don’t have access to edit these pages, but trust me, the service is still being provided. And my words are easy to verify.

Is anyone interested in this issue? Is anyone capable of solving it?
I’m simply asking for them to disconnect this service for me. To have the pages I created over a year ago deleted from my website! Is it really that hard to understand and resolve?

Please post the ticket #, and we can escalate the issue.

I found the ticket # from your other post and escalated it.

You should have heard back from Support by now on next steps for how to resolve this issue.

I’ve been asking for this to be done for over a year now. Is it really that hard to do? I can’t do it myself! I don’t have acces.

I haven’t received any responses. I’m just asking to delete the ‘custom pages’ for the domain That’s all. I’m not paying for this service. I can’t delete it myself.

The problem lies with your programmers. They forgot to implement the deletion of created ‘Custom Pages’ when the user stopped paying for this service. It’s so obvious.

You mean on the new ticket?

I don’t have access to tickets. I have free account

I don’t have access to tickets, because this link
always redirect to