"Custom Pages" are not functioning correctly

I noticed an issue with the Cloudflare website. The site does not delete the “Custom Pages” created by users after their subscription to the “Pro plan” expires, during which they were allowed to create these pages. While users can no longer edit them, the pages remain active.

I purchased the “Pro plan” specifically to create these pages during a period when my site was inaccessible, in order to inform users about the timing of technical work completion.

Afterward, I switched to the free plan, but the “Custom Pages” persisted, and now, unfortunately, they are causing a 500 error, displaying outdated information that I no longer have access to edit.

How can I delete these pages?
Please help.

Thank you!

You need to open a support ticket: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support Open it with the account category

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