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Half a year ago, I had a $20 tariff paid. I created a “Custom Page.” After that, the service was disabled and no longer paid for. However, the created “Custom Page” remained! I have been asking for six months to delete it, and no one is helping me!
How do I delete a page if I have a free tariff???

Have you created them for specific zone only?

May I ask, does it mean you don’t have any other zone which is on a Paid Cloudflare plan type anymore under the same Cloudflare account? :thinking:

Have you tried accessing and changing it via, or neither this way you cannot? :thinking:

Have you tried writing a ticket via ?
If so, could you share a ticket number here with us so I could escalate that so someone from CF support will take a look at it.


I don’t have any other domains with a paid $20 plan anymore.

The link shows an error: ‘To use custom pages at the account level, you need to have at least 1 site on a paid plan. Learn more.’

I have created ticket 3125110.

Thank you!!!

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Thank you for sharing a ticket number.

In the meantime I’ve escalated your ticket to the Cloudflare Support team and they should provide you more information there. Kindly and patiently wait for their reply.

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Hey there,

Please try using the API.

Can I only delete created custom pages through the API?

It seems you haven’t understood my issue.
I have a free account on Cloudflare. I don’t see the “Custom Pages” section. I don’t have access.
You’re giving me a link to the API documentation where it says that I should know the page identifier “/custom_pages/{identifier}”.

How can I know it if I don’t have access to this information?

I used to have a paid plan where I created “custom pages.” Now I can’t delete them. And they display very old information to a certain group of users, information that’s been there for six months.

For six months, I’ve been trying to convey to the website administration the problem - You don’t disable paid services when switching from a paid account to a free one. And you give me a link to the API. Facepalm…

Are you now publicly informing users that they don’t have to pay for the paid service “Custom Pages”? That they can use it for free? Did I understand you correctly?

I’ve been writing about this issue for over a year. Is anyone able to solve it?
I’ve been using a service for over a year that I haven’t been paying for, and I’m asking for it to be disconnected!!!
Does anyone care about this or not?