Custom Page doesn't work

Custom Page doesn’t show:
I set up country blocking for Mexico in the Firewall, and I need to show a custom page error to visitors from Mexico.
I set up a custom page with the required ::GEO:: token: US visitors restricted.
The custom page has been added and published in CF custom-pages interface. When I click on the Preview button, the custom page renders.

HOWEVER, when I go to the website load the website through a Mexican IP, it is still the default CF error page (Error 1020) shows.

(The website in concern is the main domain in the URL of the custom page; currently, US and Mexican IPs are blocked in the firewall)

Where did you set this up? I believe that custom page is for country blocking in Firewall → Tools.

I set up the country blocking at …/firewall/firewall-rules.

The country blocking at Firewall Tools is only available on Enterprise - I have Pro plan, so I am not able to test whether the custom page would work if the country blocking was set up at …//firewall/tools.

Does CF stipulate that the ::GEO:: custom page would not work if the country blocking is set up at …/firewall/firewall-rules?


Correct. I don’t think that’s the custom page for geoblocking in Firewall Rules. That page is just for blocks due to Firewall → Tools.

The custom error pages predate Firewall Rules, so I’m not even sure they apply to a Block from a Firewall Rule. Maybe an @MVP knows.

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From my experience using CF custom pages, you’d want to customise both Country and 1000 error pages to cover your bases :slight_smile:


:smiley:Great suggestion, thank you!

I created a custom page for the 1000 Class Error and now using an IP of a Firewall Rule blocked country, the website resolves to the custom page.

In my testing, the error page /firewall/firewall-rules country blocking triggers is the 1002 Error page, therefore it make sense the the pertaining custom page must be the 1000 Class custom page.

It would be nice to have this clarified under the respective Help section in the CF interface. :pleading_face:


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