Custom/normal ns options

In domain DNS options show 2 things . 1 custom nameserver and normal ns ,which is Wright if I want add ns of cf ns and hosting ns and parking ns ?

You’ll need to use Cloudflare name servers if you’re setting your domain through the Cloudflare dashboard. Your registrar probably considers this to be “Custom name servers.”

Domain registerar are not accept no.any others ns of my current ns ? Which show on dashboard

Can you post a screenshot?

after these ns, any other options for ns ?
Can say,,is the second options of ns ?

The assigned nameserver pair are the only nameservers needed/associated with your domain. You could replace them with a custom nameserver pair on the Business or Enterprise plan (e.g. and but there’s no effective difference between the two.

What is it you are trying to achieve exactly?

i am try to add ns which I give on my dashboard .but I am fail.I already add ns in my domain registarar host ns and sedo parking ,cf ns is not accept by domain registrar,what is the other options

To use Cloudflare for DNS, Cloudflare needs to the the only nameservers at your registrar. You would remove the other nameservers. What error do you receive trying to add them?

i try to add ns in cf but systems give errors .what i do now,cf ns i put in domain host but not ok in cf

And the error it gives is?

yes sir errors is in cf ,not in domain host,I try to add ns in cf but it’s show validation errors

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