Custom nameservers

I am being asked to update my nameservers, why? The domain was bought thought Cloudflare on the free plan. Why Wait*
Don’t wait for an answer, find it fast! Search for #CommunityTip error:
Example: #CommunityTip 521

You didn’t delete the site from Cloudflare by chance, did you?

If you are using Cloudflare registrar and being asked to change nameservers, you will likely need to open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare account dashboard.

You can share the ticket number here and we will escalate it.

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Actually I did… touring the whole Cloudflare issue… I thought that my site was the issue, so I deleted it and tried to add it again, at which point I’m now encountering this problem

Actually, I did

  • Ticket ID: 3012911 is my ticket number.
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I have escalated your ticket. You should see a response both here and on the the ticket once someone is available to assist.

Thank you

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