Custom nameservers as an addon!

Hi there,

Any of Cloudflare’s premium services are completely useless to me. The custom name servers are the only thing I’d like, and it doesn’t seem reasonable to spend $200 for them. Many people, including myself, will never upgrade, but if this function were offered on lower-tier plans or as an add-on for a reasonable price, it would be a better option. There will be a large number of small web developers and firms which will come on board, I believe.


I’m curious, why?

He probably wants to conceal/hide, that he’s using Cloudflares.

There are always a large number of people/companies when it is about getting a premium service for cheap :slight_smile: The big question is: is this in Cloudflares interest?

having custom name servers is easiest solution when you hosting multiple websites as I can easily switch the server ip without having to change name server for each website.


For starters, I do not believe I appreciate your tone. While @M4rt1n’s response was certainly an assumption, it was all he could go by based on the little information you yourself provided. It most definitely does not justify your reaction.

All right, now that we have clarified that, you might also want to check out Custom nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs as that feature does not cover remotely what you think it does.

Even with custom nameservers you won’t be able to “switch addresses”. If you are using Cloudflare, you have to use their nameservers and hence there is nothing to switch, unless you are referring to switching between Cloudflare and your own nameservers, which would drop your Cloudflare setup in the first place and would still not be supported by the mentioned feature.

What you may be interested in, is a CNAME setup, in which case you fully control the DNS setup. A CNAME setup, coincidentally still requires a Business plan.


Plus, there is already such a suggestion - Custom NS only plan

You may want to continue there.