Custom Nameserver in cloudflare registrar



In cloudflare business plan there is an option to set custom nameserver. But If your domain is on cloudflare registrar you can not setup custom nameserver they need to be setup manually and can not use dnssec. Any work around? I have been asking this question to cloudflare for a month now without any solution.


Do you mean custom nameserver, eg is your nameserver? Or, changing DNS provider completely away from Cloudflare?


I am talking custom name server that cloudflare in business plan provide.


The custom nameservers price is the same with registrar as it is when not using CF registrar: you need the $200/mo business plan to use it, as you said.

This isn’t the case. My domain, which uses business plan custom nameservers, is using CF registrar, and has DNSSEC enabled, resolves fine and is dnssec SECURE in the registry. The only issue is the NS RRset still has the CF-branded nameservers, but this doesn’t cause the domain to fail DNSSEC checks or not resolve for dnssec-validating resolvers.



I am already on business plan. In business plan if you are also using cloudflare registrar you can not use custom nameserver because of cloudflare registrar limitations.


Just removed and re-added the custom nameservers for my business domain (Registrar + DNSSEC already enabled), had no problems.

I did this with a .net domain. What TLD is your domain? It may be a problem with adding glue records at certain TLD registries. cc @cscharff


My Business plan is a .com, and it has valid IPv4 Glue records (none for IPv6 :frowning_face:). I hadn’t thought to double-check them after I transferred registration to Cloudflare, and I’m not brave enough to try to delete and re-add them.


Don’t do that. It will fail. @SamRhea knows about it already and I jave a ticket open about that. Don’t know if the issue is with all TLDs or only some.

My suggestion for @user3011 is to at least at the moment keep the default NS, wait from a confirmation from Sam to change them.


I have a .com domain and according to cloudflare support it is not currently possible to use custom name server with dnssec if you are using cloudflare registrar. There is a manual process bywhich cloudflare registrar team can add custom name server manually but they wont be able to enable dnssec,



I understand that your custom nameserver is enabled but is it working? Can you see this result: (replace with your domain)
In parent section what is Domain NS records showing.


Mine shows my custom name servers.



are you using cloudflare registrar and dnssec as well?


My domain was on the Business Plan before I transferred the registration over. It still has custom name servers and DNSSEC.