Custom nameserver godaddy ns1 -cloudflare DNS records - use IP A record instead

custom nameserver on godaddy ns1 connected to 25 websites - Cloudflare wants DNS records changed but i need to use the IP address A-record instead.

how do i find my Cloudflare account IP addresses like 192.62.345.11 instead of ns1.joe.Cloudflare(com) and dose Cloudflare offer this on the pro plan?

thank you

That’s not how Cloudflare custom nameservers work. Custom nameservers is a feature available on the Business and Enterprise plans (not Pro) that allow you to use your domain name with Cloudflare nameservers (on Cloudflare IPs). Whether you are using custom nameservers or not, you need to have only Cloudflare nameservers entered at the registrar for each domain you want to use with Cloudflare. With custom nameservers it just means that you can use your domain name at the registrar. You will still be directing queries to Cloudflare nameservers.

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