Custom logo for Access applications not working with Images service

I setup the Cloudflare Images service basic plan to host custom logo icons for my Access Applications. The URL to server each image works fine when I add it to an application that is Type BrowserSSH, but when I try to use the same URL for a self-hosted application, the page won’t allow the changes to be saved and has the error "logo_url must match the following: “/[^]+(.png|.svg|.jpg|.jpeg)$/”. Same result for a “Private Net” application.
Any idea why the same image URL works for one type of application but not another? These icons are just used on the launcher page so I would think it doesn’t matter what it’s pointing to on the back end.


I’m having an issue trying to create a custom login page for the Cloudflare tunnel with our logo. Is the CF image plan a requirement for creating a custom login page?


No. You can use any image that has a public link available. I wanted to use Cloudflare’s Images service as it would be very convenient but I ran into the issue I mentioned where the generated image links from the service couldn’t be used for all connections. I ended up using an AWS CloudFront setup backed by a S3 bucket for all my custom images for applications and our login page logo.