Custom Kubernetes Ingress with Cloudflare Argo Tunnels

Hello All,

My team have a particular business requirement to build our own internal Kubernetes Ingress Controller and move away from nginx ingress.

Our long term plan is to be able to spin up multiple Kubernetes clusters in various regions and use Cloudflare’s Load Balancer offering to balance between them. Currently, we are using this feature with two clusters, pointing to the two Nginx-ingress IP addresses.

How sensible would it be to build Argo Tunnel into our own custom ingress controller? It would work pretty much the same way as the recently deprecated Cloudflare Kubernetes Ingress, but the routing would be configured by our own application. This approach allows us to remove our cloud provider load balancers, reducing our public-facing footprint, and it also deals with origin certificates automatically.

We have quite specific needs and I think we can make this work, but my question is should we? Is Argo Tunnel reliable and fast enough for this?

I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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