Custom Hostnames Pending Validation (Http)

I have a similar issue to others, but none of the solutions seem to work for us.

We are creating custom hostnames via the API, using the HTTP method.

Should cloudflare be securing these domains automatically for us? Or should we be manually creating the HTTP file in the well-known folder on the origin server at the time we make the API call?

Its been over 48 hours, and no custom hostnames that we add ever get secured.

I feel like im missing something basic, please let me know what information to provide so I can get some help.


Did you eventually get this resolved?

I checked one of your custom hostnames in your screenshot ( and it works with a GTS certificate.

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No we didnt get this resolved yet.

Some of the names are getting secured, but others still arent, even 3 or 4 days later.

The ones that are working are created from other cloudflare accounts - not proxied.

The ones that are not working are from IONOS.

Does something need to be done on the DNS records for the other domains, other than creating the CNAME? I thought the whole point of SSL for SAAS was that the customer could just add the CNAME and cloudflare could secure it - do they then have to add additional records depending on their host?

Can anyone help?

I can confirm, if the CNAME is created for a hostname that is controlled by Cloudflare (even on another cloudflare account) then it works.

If the DNS is controlled by IONOS, GoDaddy, Namecheap etc - the hostnames never get secured.

If you manually create a record for a non-Cloudflare managed domain, does it succeed?

If so, it’s the API call values which are the issue. Do you have an example of the call being made and the response?

Even if I manually create the record, the non-cloudflare managed hostnames dont work.

Am i missing a step somewhere? Should I be creating a file in the well-known folder on the server manually?

I also upgraded my account to be able to submit this as a support ticket - but that was 8 days ago, and ive still had no response from support.

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