Custom hostnames blocked


I am attempting to onboard active custom hostnames to the Hubspot SSL for SaaS platform. They are currently blocked by Cloudflare.
Could you please unblock these custom hostnames (without the spaces):

wp . mukatafa . com

blog . mukatafa . com

lp . mukatafa . com

me . mukatafa . com

kb . mukatafa . com

cp . mukatafa . com

clients . mukatafa . com

Thank you kindly,


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You should have received instructions with the message that indicated the domain name is blocked. You will need to follow those directions. The Community cannot offer assistance in this matter.

The instructions said that we should reach out to [email protected], but this has been weeks ago and we still have not received any reply. So I’m trying to reach the support through other methods.

Unfortunately, the email you have sent is the only method to address the issue. Neither the Community nor Cloudflare support are able to resolve Trust and Safety matters.

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