Custom Hostnames and Cloudflare Proxy Settings

When i add a custom hostname to a pages project i need to add a DNS CNAME entry for that hostname. I have two questions about this:

  • When adding this CNAME in Cloudflares DNS settings am im supposed set Proxy Status to “Proxied” (Orange Cloud)? What happens if i choose “DNS only”?
  • When the status is set to proxied are requests actually being pulled through the edge proxies and the pages deployment is just being used as orgin (as if i would host the orgin myself).

Thanks a lot!

Only if you want to.

Like normal, it’ll essentially skip Cloudflare for your zone. So any Redirect Rules, Transform Rules, Firewall, settings or other such things set on your zone will not run.

It’ll go through your zone like normal and after that go to Pages. Like a standard origin yes.
All requests (no matter if proxied or not) will hit the nearest Colo and go through Cloudflare’s network since Pages just lives on the edge anyway :slight_smile:


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