Custom Hostname won't validate

We have a custom hostname that the cert status will not validate. I have tried both let’s encrypt and google trust and it’s just stuck. I have deleted and readded and same thing. I can see the edge certificate is active.

When we try to go to the site just see this


I have no idea what else to do and this client’s site is down until we can get it fixed.

Hi there,

Unfortunately it is difficult to advise here without the specifics. Are you able to share the validation hostname and record details that Cloudflare is expecting?

Have you tested to confirm the validation records that are expected are resolving?

Using a DNS client, testing tool (Eg. etc.

Here are typical causes of why DCV certificate validation cannot complete - Troubleshooting Domain Control Validation · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

If you do not feel comfortable sharing this publicly, you would need to contact Cloudflare support to take a look at why this is not going through as expected.

Hope this helps!

This is the site that I am having issues with.

I just had them add this DCV CNAME from the custom hostname screen but it still won’t validate.

When I do a nslookup the site is pointing to the correct IP

I have tried the documentation and different links but i can’t figure it out.

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