Custom hostname not getting redirected

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I’m figuring out how Cloudflare for SaaS works. After enabling it, I have created a fallback origin ([] and I created a custom hostname ([]. The certificate and hostname status are active. I have also created a CNAME at [] that points [] at []. In addition to that, I added a page rule that redirects [] to []. When I try to reach [] this error is displayed “response 404 (backend NotFound), service rules for the path non-existent”. Is there something that I’m doing wrong or missing?

What error message or number are you receiving?
response 404 (backend NotFound), service rules for the path non-existent

You should not redirect from the custom hostname to the fallback origin. Cloudflare already sends requests for to when is configured as a custom hostname.

This error is coming from your origin. You should ensure you have added a virtual host for in your web server configuration.

Thanks albert.

I’m using nginx and I have configured a virtual host for but the same error keeps showing.

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