Custom Hostname for domain in different cloudflare account

Hi there,

I am trying to setup a cname record to forward a subdomain from a domain hosted on a different account.

I’ve read that I need to setup custom hostnames.
When trying to add a custom hosname on the other account, do I add in the record I want to add from the other account? e.g. subdomain(dot)example(dot)com. Or do I need to add the domain itself?

I’ve tried to do both and when trying TXT record verification (presuming I just add the hostname/points to for this record on the other account where this domain is hosted) I get a “zone does not have a fallback origin set.”

Am I doing something obviously wrong?


Are you following this guide?

Hi there,

Yep - I did check this guide before. Just needed clarity on specific steps but I believe I have this working.

This can be closed now.

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