Custom hostname for apex domains

Imaging having two domains like and and both of them use Cloudflare as DNS provider. I also have my server with an ip like this:

Now I go to and create a custom host name for

As you know, custom hostname asks me to use CNAME record on to be sure the terrific will be handled by Other DNS providers does not allow me to use CNAME for apex domain (root of the domain) but Cloudflare allows me and eventually it does CNAME Flattening.

So I create this on

And this on
A record : →

My question is, if I use CNAME record for on Cloudflare, will the packets be secured using certification issued in custom hostnames?

I am asking because when I do nslookup I get A records pointing to my own servers, so I am not sure whether requests will be served by Cloudflare and TLS works or not!

Thank you in advance

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