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I recently added a custom hostname on Cloudflare - going back to it, I can see that it expires in 3 months.
Will this renew automatically or do I need to verify this again?

We basically have access to two Cloudflare accounts with a cname record created on one of the two accounts to point to a domain on the other. I don’t want any downtime to happen. We had to create this custom hostname to make this change.

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What exactly is expiring in 3 months?

Do you mean Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate? If so, then yes, this renews automatically and there’s nothing to do on your part.

If this is not what you’re referring to, kindly clarify what “hostname” expires in 3 months.

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I’m referring to when I browse to SSL/TLS → Custom Hostnames → Under Custom Hostname, we added the external subdomain (from the other Cloudflare account here).

You’re saying that it should just renew automatically?

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Thanks for the clarification.

As I mentioned earlier, all Cloudflare-issued SSL certificates are renewed automatically by Cloudflare (as long as the zone remains active), and there’s nothing to do on your part.

If you uploaded a custom certificate, then, of course, you’ll need to maintain its validity yourself.

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It is a Cloudflare-issued certificate, we haven’t uploaded any custom certificates.

I guess this thread can be closed then :slight_smile:

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