Custom Hostname cannot issue SSL certificate

I currently am attempting to add a new custom hostname to my domain and issue an SSL certificate to it. It has been stuck at Pending(Error) for over 24 hours. When I look at the error message it states:
“validation_errors”: [
“message”: “caa_error:”
I have been unable to contact support so far as it wants to automatically scan my domain and I have over 400k custom domains to scan and it times out doing the scan.

P.S. I do have Universal SSL setup on the main domain.

Hi @jennifer.mitchell,

You should be able to use the live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard, assuming based on the size of your account that you are on an Enterprise plan, or email [email protected].

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Assuming the error says what it means, it is possible that this domain has a CAA record which prohibits issuance of an SSL certificate from the designated issuer.

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