Custom hostname API call returns initializing status for hostname

Hello, I am using the POST custom_hostnames API call to create a new custom hostname in my account, but the status that continues to be reported from the API call is initializing.

Is there anything I can do to push this hostname across the finish line? Also, is there a list of status definitions anywhere?


You are referring to Cloudflare API Documentation, right?

What do you mean by initialising? Is your domain/zone already properly set up? Does it show as active in the control panel?


Thanks for the reply!

I am using this API call Cloudflare API Documentation

When the API call returns, it shows the status as initializing. And for some reason, the hostname doesn’t show up in my control panel

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You are on an enterprise package, arent you?

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Yes, would that make a difference?

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Yes, because the other packages do not support that.

Being on an enterprise plan I’d personally contact support, I guess they should be able to help quicker than the community. As for a response here, which verification have you chosen? The status seems to be in regard to the TLS certificate, not the host itself, right?

Awesome, I’ll reach out to support.

Yes, this is for TLS

Which of the three verification methods have you chosen? Did you complete it successfully?

There’s 3 verification methods? I’m only seeing one according to their API docs; but I am using dv verification

And it appears to complete successfully, just returns a status of initializing

One of three validation methods—http, cname, email—should be used, with ‘http’ recommended if the CNAME is already in place (or will be soon). Specifying ‘email’ will send an email to the WHOIS contacts on file for the base domain plus hostmaster, postmaster, webmaster, admin, administrator. Specifying ‘cname’ will return a CNAME that needs to be placed. If http is used and the domain is not already pointing to the Managed CNAME host, the PATCH method must be used once it is (to complete validation).

Which one have you used?

Ah, I read that wrong; I am using HTTP

And HTTP request to the host in question is successful?

Yep, which is the odd thing.

Alright, well at this point I’d really refer to support :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi @dennis1,

I’ve included the possible status at the end of the post. More information on those and the process generally can be obtained from your Solutions Engineer, we have an onboarding guide specific to SSL for SaaS which contains a veritable plethora of information. :wink:

I’d recommend reaching out to them with the specific hostname that is in this state so .they can help validate/confirm status on the request.

Custom hostname state:

  1. Initializing

  2. Pending Validation

  3. Pending Issuance

  4. Pending Deployment

  5. Active