Custom Host Names, apex domain and CloudFlare for SaaS

Hello Community
Posting here because couldn’t find any thread related to my issue. Hoping to get my issue resolved here.

I am setting up my SaaS to handle custom customer domains. I’ve followed the following steps.

  1. Setup on Cloudflare
  2. Added and verified as Custom Host Name inside
  3. Setup CName for @ to and www to in the authoritative name servers of

After doing all this, I can access via properly.

However when I try to access it like or I am getting Error 1001 and ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH respectively.

My Question
How can I setup Cloudflare for SaaS to handle both www subdomain and apex domain?

Thanks in anticipation

Update: So finally after playing around, the only option that worked was to add customerdomain[.]com as well to Custom Host Names. CF doesn’t automatically consider www and apex domain as one.

I might add, correctly so.