Custom Error Pages

Of the target servers are not available, Cloudflare shows a page where the visitor can see that Cloudflare is running fine but the target server is down (shown with a red cross).

Is it possible to customize such pages? We would like to apply some branding so that users are seeing a familiar look and feel.

It sure is! Paid plans include this:

Well, but: «Before adding a custom error page to your Cloudflare account, you will need to design, code, and host that page on your own web server.» … That’s exactly my problem, if our web servers are down, I want a custom page to be shown (hosted on Cloudflare!). I don’t want to show that technical screen which is displayed by Cloudflare.

Oh, that’s just so it has a place to build the page from. Once the Custom Error Page has been added, you can remove the source from where it came from:

oh I see. thanks for pointing that out.
I see that we can configure different pages for different error codes, but where is the one where our site is dead? it’s that “not available” screen that Cloudflare shows.

I’m specifically looking to customize the 522 error page. Where can I do that? I’m on a PRO plan.

I think the right place is to customize the “500s” pages. I thought I could have individual pages for 522, 526, but it seems you can customize just this group of 500s errors. Good enough as a start.

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