Custom Emoji Fun

Discourse provides a great set of emojis, but also makes it really easy to add your own custom options. I’ve already added several, but if you have any suggestions feel free to make them here. Stills and GIFs are ok…but please keep them clean enough for any audience :slight_smile:

:yay: :selfhighfive:



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Hi! This seems to be the ‘emoji thread’ so I’ll post here instead of creating a new topic. Just a small bug report - it may even be a bug with Discourse I’m not sure…

Anyway, the custom emoji don’t appear on the user card. You can test it out by clicking on my name to view the card and you’ll see that the Cloudflare cloud emoji is not rendered. I tested with some of the other custom emoji with the same result (I have a QA background, always testing…)

Yes, this is the most minor thing ever :nerd:


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There is no bug too minor!!! :wink:

I’ll raise this with the Discourse folks to see what they can do.


:herb: :herb: :slight_smile:

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:cloud: Flare lol