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I remembered creating a custom email for my domain : primediscoverygroup but I can not get access to this custom email. I want to connect it to gmail for I can send or reply via gmail as my custom email. Can someone please help with the step and how to get access to the custom email inbox and I don’t remember if I setup a password because when i try to configure it on the gmail side of the account that i will use i can not connect it. Please see picture.


You got the first box right, but you need to put your Gmail address in the username field. Google’s servers cannot authenticate your custom email since it is not a Google account. You are also going to need to create an app password for your Gmail account.

Here is Google’s setup guide for reference. Their scenario assumes that you are using the email forwarding from the Google Domains registrar, but it is effectively the same process.

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Thank you.

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