Custom Email not working

Since I transfer my website to Cloudflare my custom email addresses are no longer delivery or receiving email. Pls, I need help. Thanks.

please make sure you have properly set the DNS records for your mail service, if you have already done so, it could take 24 hours to get the update to go live.

I have done so. I changed the mail DNS of my domain name provider to the one giving by Cloudflare when I wanted to create email routing.

have you tried to switch the proxied toggle?

Pls, can I grant you temporary access to my account to help me fix it? I don’t want to mess things up. Thanks

Please don’t do that.

If you post a screenshot of your DNS records, we can help. If you don’t want to share your domain name or IP address, obfuscate them, as john66 did. But it’s make it easier for us to diagnose if you tell us the domain name.


Thanks. Here is a screenshot.

Hope this is ok

You’ve set up the Email Routing beta feature. That’s for domains that don’t have their own email server, and it’s for inbound mail only, as it’s a forwarder.

It looks like you were using some Amazon-based email service before. I suggest you go there and find out what your MX and other DNS record(s) should be. Note that you’ll have to disable Email Routing before you restore your old email settings.

After I disabled the email routing, do I need to update my Cloudflare DNS with the ones from my domain provider?

That is correct.

But before I ignorantly did the email routing, I was asked to delete the MX records from my domain provider and replaced it with new ones provided by Cloudflare. Wouldn’t that overlap?

Did you already disable the Email Routing feature?

Not yet. My internet connection was off

I would suggest you to do it yourself, and never share your access with anyone you don’t know. If you really need technical support, I can do it via phone call.

WHOIS lookup suggests that you purchased the domain from When you said domain provider, I assume you mean If my understanding is correct, then the answer is, that you don’t need to update the DNS record from, because you already changed the name server to Cloudflare. Actually, you don’t need to do anything with All you have to do is simply disable the Cloudflare Email Routing Service. To disable Cloudflare Email Routing, simply follow a few steps as the following screenshots suggest. Cloudflare will automatically remove the DNS records from your domain’s DNS with Cloudflare.

Thanks, but I deleted the MX records before the email routing because I was told to do so, is it necessary to add it again, I mean the ones that were there before?

I have deleted the email routing records, but my custom email address is still not sending nor receiving messages. Anything more to do?

I have properly set my Mx records now. Maybe I need to wait to propagate.

But I got these notifications after I set the record. Pls see attached.