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I run a SaaS and would like to use Cloudflare for DDoS protection - I think the business plan is suitable for me.

My users are able to set up their own custom domains for my service:

  • This is done by them creating an A Record that points to my IP address
  • SSL is managed by me

If I point (and * nameservers to Cloudflare, would my users still be able to point their custom domains to my site WITHOUT using Cloudflare for SaaS?

If so, would they still benefit from DDoS protection?


Hi @osman1,

If you continue with them pointing directly to your DO IP then they will not benefit from Cloudflare and I don’t see why they would not continue working as they currently do as long as they do not point to your :orange: hostname. If you want their sites to use Cloudflare as well then you would need the SaaS product.

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Cool, thanks for the response!

So if I switch over to Cloudflare, they wouldn’t need to do anything on their end right? I’m OK with them not getting DDoS protection for now - the main site needs the protection though.

I don’t know that much about DNS but:

  • I also have users who pointed an ALIAS record to (the users who’s domain provider doesn’t allow ALIAS use A Records)
  • Since Cloudflare disguises the IP address, would those ALIAS record users be fine as it would point to the disguised IP? Or would they have to delete their ALIAS record and set up an A Record instead that points to the original IP


Since you’re planning to proxy that hostname with Cloudflare, that would not work without the SaaS product.

Just bear in mind that if it’s DDoS protection you’re looking for that if other sites still point directly to the server IP and so the server does not block non-Cloudflare connections, attackers could directly target the IP and bypass the Cloudflare protection for the main site.

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Thanks for the help!

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