Custom domain with sass application

Hi, I have a sass application with every user having their own custom domain like where is my domain.

Is it better to create separate record for each user or i should go with wild card domain. The problem is if we go with separate record we got thousands of users and it says the limit with paid plan is 3500 record per zone or i will have to switch to enterprise plan.

I don’t think the heavy hitters use individual DNS records. Not even a DNS wildcard. Their customers point their CNAME to something like “”. Shopify comes to mind.

I’m not even sure what the advantage is with using a custom subdomain name for every single customer. I do know that when I tested this out, I didn’t use a dedicated hostname for my test site’s CNAME.

So you can say it is a custom blog service provider, where every user can setup their own blog with their own custom domain or a custom domain provided by us.

Right now we are using another service provider to generate certificate and route the user the application.

the route which user will take is
custom domain → → application

Our application is hosted on Vercel so cache can be least of concern.

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