Custom domain TLS with GH-Pages

Hello and thank you all in advance! Very newbie SSL question I’m sure but … here goes

  1. I’ve had a custom domain for a few years now and hosted that site on GH-Pages without any issue
  2. That gh-pages site is hosted on the master branch using a docs/ directory
  3. I added a flexible SSL configuration for that website w/ Cloudflare yesterday
  4. I updated my name servers to point at Cloudflare yesterday
  5. This morning I did see Cloudflare looked “complete” and working but I noticed a few things

a) on Cloudflare under Crypto I see my custom domain listed as the “hosts” for the shared certificate type, * (2 hosts)

b) when I try to view the domain over https I see this information uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,, *,

…which makes me believe I’ve not yet completed the A name record setup/or I’ve done something wrong with Cloudflare. Any help would be much appreciated

Hey @toranb this is for the root zone or another subdomain? The site is rendering correctly for me. You might try flushing your DNS cache and making sure you don’t have a host file entry for the zone.

@cs-cf this should be for the root domain of (no sub domains)

I did try to flush locally w/ this command on macOS sudo dscacheutil -flushcache but same issue so I’m curious if my ISP has this cached up a level. I did jump off my local wifi w/ my iPhone and it does appear to work as you mentioned. Just one last question here - is strict or flexible better for sub domain SSL like this w/ Cloudflare?

Thanks for the quick reply btw!

If this is hosted at github I don’t think Full (Strict) is an option, but I believe Full will work. Could very well be cached by your ISP. Have you seen our awesome new ? Just kidding. :wink:

Here’s what your host resolves to for me:

dig +short

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