Custom domain redirection to Helpscout not working

On, I set up custom domain which redirects a Helpscout domain.

To do this, I set up CNAME on Cloudflare DNS

Helpscout require CNAME is to be set to DNS only while Cloudflare requires CNAME to be set to Proxy.

Setting CNAME to DNS only give me a “This is not a private connection” error

Setting CNAME to be set to Proxy makes website unavailable

Cloudflare does not require you to proxy the record, but can’t apply any features if you don’t. If you host requires “DNS only”, then that is what you need to use.

When set to “DNS only” traffic goes direct to the origin server, so you’ll need to fix the problem there. It sounds like you have a problem with HTTP or the SSL certificate you need to fix at your host.

It may be you can proxy the record once it is working, but you’ll only know that if you fix your hosting first so it works properly before enabling Cloudflare’s proxy.

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The SSL cert on the origin servers looks fine. Is there something missing here?

The certificate is for *, I assume that’s not your domain name.


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