Custom domain not working for Pages

Here is the issue

I want to use my own domain for the Pages website. It is a .no domain, so registrar is located in Norway. However, I manage the DNS settings for the domain in Cloudflare.

Symptom1: Error message in Pages dashboard

Attempting to add a custom domain using Pages dashboard yields an error for the domain:
staging.<redacted>.no - Inactive (Error)

Symptom2: Subdomain correctly created in DNS dashboard.

If I navigate to the DNS dashboard, I can see that the correct subdomain is created and forwarded to the pages domain using a CNAME record.


Symptom3: Navigating to the custom domain yields 522 error

Navigating to the custom domain yields an error:
Connection timed out - Error code 522

I can only speculate that there is some issues forwarding the traffic from the edge to the pages domain. Can anyone here shed some light on the issue?

Thank you in advance


I have not submitted a support request

I am currently evaluating using Cloudflare Pages for serving my static website. I am on the free plan, so creating a support ticket is not an option as per Cloudflare’s own restrictions. The whole purpose of evaluating Cloudflare on the free plan is to determine if Pages is a good functional fit for my requirements - which this bug is preventing me from doing.

If you can share the domain I can check what’s going wrong


That domain is blocked from being added. You will need to contact Trust & Safety to resolve that.
You can email them at [email protected]

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Thank you very much, @Walshy. Much appreciated! I think a good suggestion would be that the relevant team at Cloudflare add meaningful error messages to the custom domain feature. Thanks again

that would be me…

and yes, I do have a ticket for it already. Just need to find some free cycles to do it.

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Sounds all too familiar. :smile: Good to hear that it’s in your backlog at least. All the best.

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