Custom domain not reflecting updated CF Pages app


I’m having issues with my website. I’ve deployed a new website and the CF pages url is showing the new website as expected.

However, the homepage, on the custom domain, is still stuck with the old page. I have tried to purge cache, used cache and page rules to fix the issue, without any luck.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Any chance you can share the domain so we take a look?

Sure it’s

If you go to /about-us and navigate to the homepage via the logo in the header then you’ll see the expected homepage. On refresh is goes back to the outdated page.

Thanks for your help

I deployed around the same time and have the same issue. I’ve submitted a support ticket to CF, I’ll come back if I get a reply.

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Have you had any luck with CF support?

Nope, no answer. I guess this is where we have to upgrade to enterprise to get an answer.

Tried to delete the -subdomain associated with the pages deployment, now it’s stuck in limbo unable to be assigned DNS or anything else.

Ok, thanks for the update.

I’ve done some testing, and when I deploy an index.html then this page is used. When I remove this file the outdated page is being returned. The url is showing the homepage as it should. The only option I can come up with, and it’s my last resort, is to deploy on a fresh url and set things up on that. I migrated from Astro to Remix based app, which doesn’t output an index.html. Still scratching my head.

I noticed this when deploying to my site:

  1. $ = new content
  2. $ = new content
  3. custom domain = old content for a few hours

I have no workaround except to just wait until the custom domain site somehow starts serving the new content.

There is a related post which had the same issue with Australia, which is my target audience. You can see from the screenshot my website is displaying as it should in other parts of the world apart from Australia.

Extract from the post:

… although you purged the cache on your zone, Pages does have a cache retention policy of roughly one week for any assets. This was an intentional decision made to help mitigate any issues client-side when a user deploys a new version of their site

The CF Pages docs under Serving Pages > Asset retention also mention assets could exist for up to 1 week.

In my case, the homepage used to be a static index.html file. The site has migrated to Remix and there is no index.html file anymore, however Pages is clearly returning that cached file for Australia and finally some cached assets have now been purged.